Bridesmaid Bouquet – Add On



Are you purchasing a bridal package and need to add-on matching bridesmaid bouquet(s)??  


This add-on is for (1) 8-10” matching bridesmaid bouquet, please add-on as many bridesmaid bouquets as you will need for your bridal party.


Are you looking for our bridal package??

What are the benefits of using wood flowers for your wedding?

  • Your guests will think they are real!
  • You’ll be able to keep your flowers forever and not worry about finding a way to preserve them or throwing them away a week after your wedding
  • Sola wood is grown and harvested sustainably
  • Wood flowers are hypoallergenic

NOTE: Please indicate your wedding date in the comment section of your order.  We will also follow up to confirm your date along with your requested color scheme.  We are committed to delivery at least 2 weeks prior to your wedding.

Due to the low cost option of this bridal package we are unable to customize premium flowers or greenery, if you would like full customization (more flower options, more style and greenery options) please email for a custom quote!

Storage Recommendations:  The only risk to wood flowers is physical damage and mold, please store them away from children and pets and in places that allow for air flow (no enclosed containers, attics or basements).  

Cleaning Recommendations: We recommend dusting your flowers with a hair dryer set on low.

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